Day 46 Of Anusthan For 108 Days

Sai Baba Name in EnglishOm Shri Sai Bhakti-Shakti-Praday Namah
Sai Baba Name in Sanskrit
/ Hindi / Marathi
ॐ श्री साई भक्तिशक्तिप्रदाय नमः
Sai Baba Name in Tamil ॐ ஸ்ரீ சாயி பக்திசக்திப்ரதாய நமঃ
Sai Baba Name in Teluguॐ శ్రీ సాయి భక్తిశక్తిప్రదాయ నమః
Sai Baba Name in Kannadaॐ ಶ್ರೀ ಸಾಯಿ ಭಕ್ತಿಶಕ್ತಿಪ್ರದಾಯ ನಮಃ
Literal Meaning in EnglishGranter of Devotion and Power
InterpretationBy losing one’s false individuality
into the ocean of cosmic divine personality,
one attains enormous powers which
enable one to reach heights
and achieve impossible results.
108 Days Anusthan – Chanting 108 Names Of Sai Baba

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  1. day 46
    ॐ श्री साई भक्तिशक्तिप्रदाय नमः
    Hansa ben
    ॐ श्री साई भक्तिशक्तिप्रदाय नमः