Dusshera Vijaydashmi Sai Baba Mahasamadhi Day HD Wallpapers

As devotees of Baba, Dusshera (Vijayadashmi) day holds a special place in the hearts of all. It marks a remembrance of Baba’s simple life-leading techniques. By crossing the border of life (Seemollanghan) He transited to a form where He will be more vigilant and responsive to His devotees. He always cared for the welfare of His devotees. First He drew them towards Him, taught them the Bhakti Marg, and worked on the path of salvation. He has provided worldly pleasures and joys to His devotees readily so that they can concentrate on the ultimate goal of liberation. He gave lessons of complete surrender to Guru by following Shraddha and Saburi. He showed miracles to make His devotees understand what they should thrive from Him. He tried to open our eyes to offer them Mukti, resorting to various unique methods. Every incident or story in Sai Satcharitra has narrated some extraordinary deed of Baba, the hidden agenda of the same was to assist ignorant souls to wake up and start working towards the mission where there is Oneness With Sai. No Sadhna, Hath Yog, or any other prescribed method is needed when the grace of Sadguru is with a devotee. What is expected from a devotee, is true devotion backed up by Shraddha and Saburi? Read Further

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