Sai Baba’s Dwarkamai Images

The dilapidated mosque in which Sai Baba lived in Shirdi for about 60 years is revered by His devotees even today. They pay a visit to this Holy Place sanctified by the touch of Baba and feel His breath and live presence there. It is commonly said that one should attend Madhyayan Arti in Dwarkamai because noon arti had started during the times of Baba and is continued to date. So if one wants to go back to those times in their imagination or experience, sit in Dwarkamai to attend the noon arti. The sequence to go for Darshan while in Shirdi to be followed as Gurusthan –> Dwarkamai –> Chavadi –> Samadhi Mandir. However, Gurushtan is situated in the Samadhi Mandir premises and it won’t be feasible to go into the premises and come out without stepping into Samadhi Mandir. So Gurusthan can be visited along with Samadhi Mandir. Sharing herewith a few images of Sai Baba Dwarkamai.

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