Day 11 Of Anushthan For 108 Days


  1. Day 11
    ॐ श्री साई कालाय नमः
    Hansa ben
    ॐ श्री साई कालाय नमः
    SaiRam, I’m waiting everyday for baba’s next Mala for 108 days of Anushthan. I started on day 8 as it was posted on our Mahaparayan group on Day 4th or 5th but that day website for Anushthan was slow or not working so couldn’t get there but on day 8th which was on Thursday, I again tried and it worked. Some how every day chanting different name for baba gives me a new kind of zeal and am just waiting for next Mala. I’m chanting everyday 1 Mala for : Shri Sai Sharnamam, Shri krushna sharnamam and Hari Om Tatsat jai guru dutt🙏

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